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"Fast paced thriller novel" ... "a hard to put down read for those who enjoy international thrillers." -Midwest Book Review

WISCONSIN NOVEL MAKES AMAZON BEST SELLERS LIST 'The Kurchatov Penetration' "The Kurchatov Penetration" has made the Amazon Best Sellers in Thrillers - Top 100 list!

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A fun read, February 28, 2012
4 Stars
By Gerald Johnson
I just completed The Kurchatov Penetration and will be recommending it to my friends. The action picks up in the middle of the story and seizes your attention. The author has an obvious knack for creating suspense and drama without losing a credible storyline. The story's use of current technology and the alignment of plot elements with current news and geopolitical trends adds to its verisimilitude.

Good Read, June 17, 2012
4 Stars
By Book Lover
Really enjoyed reading this book. Once you start be prepared for the suspense and fast pace. You won't want to set it down. The characters were well drawn and compelling. Looking forward to seeing what Mr. Jacobson writes next.

Great Story, September 24, 2012
4 Stars
By Troy Blake
Tim Jacobson is a great story-teller and The Kurchatov Penetration is very engaging. The story begins in Russia and moves from Russian gangsters to teenage school boys hacking and code-cracking their way through class. The danger of the Russian mafia, combined with the threat of an Iranian nuclear bomb, and several unexpected twists kept me turning pages while I guessed what was going to happen next.

This novel has a believable and interesting story that involves many levels of suspense and explosive action that will entertain anyone.

The story begins with assassinations and a ton of action, including romance and realistic computer hacking. This story could easily be converted into a big budget action-packed movie.

Great read!, October 1, 2012
4 Stars
By Paul
I picked the book up barely sat it down until it was finished! Great story, well paced and oh so frightening close to current issues in the World. I'm waiting for Mr. Jacobson to write a sequel!

My comments re the Kurchatov Penetration (book by T. S. Jacobson), February 26, 2012
4 Stars
By stone soup
This novel by Timothy Jacobson veers abruptly between Washington, D. C., Moscow, Madison, WI, and the Middle East. It's replete with high stakes espionage and international terrorism, considerable murder and mayhem, intrigue, suspense, and cyber adventures, all inadvertently unleashed by a brilliant high school computer hacker. It's a cliff hanger with lots of twists and turns. You'll want to learn how it all gets resolved.

fun read, February 22, 2012
4 Stars
By littwitt
Tim Jacobson has written a page turner in this first spy novel. He knows how to keep you reading to the end. Kent is a character I would like to see grow up. He could be a new "Mitch" This book takes you all over the world, but ends up at home in Wisconsin. Look for more from this young author.

Gripping Fiction that Highlights a Scary Reality, January 29, 2012
5 Stars
By Lisa
I had read The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo series by Stieg Larsson and was so intrigued by the main character, Lisbeth Salander, that I decided to search for more books with computer hackers. Luckily, I found The Kurchatov Penetration by Tim Jacobson. It was just what I was looking for, and I was hooked by the third page. The tale begins in Russia with a risk-filled heist of uranium. The danger of the Russian mafia, combined with the threat of a nuclear bomb and unexpected twists kept me turning pages way past my bedtime.

The novel presents many layers of complexity by involving CIA, KGB, FBI, Etallat, and Mossad characters. The book has many different settings that kept me on my toes: Iran, The White House, Vienna, Austria, and London, to name a few. I made a connection with the Madison setting due to the fact that I am from Wisconsin. I loved learning how Kent, the computer hacker from Madison, was working on a computer project for class that was to use artificial intelligence. He challenged and tested the computing power of his digital creation by attempting to decode encrypted messages. Although only a high school student, the brilliant protagonist was taking some college classes and ended up tutoring a college student for whom he developed a crush. The interaction of Kent and Sam is a sweet reminder of puppy love. Kent also has a friend Gene that he enlists to help him with feats of computing that had been thought to be impossible.

The book explodes with assassinations and a ton of action, including a riveting scene of a manhunt through the storm sewers of Madison. The action includes trains, Ka-50 Black Shark attack helicopters, and MiG fighter jets. This novel would lend itself well to becoming an action-packed movie.

The Kurchatov Penetration is fast paced and very engaging. The vocabulary is rich, colorful and concise. It was thrilling and exciting to read. I carried the book around in my purse to read during every moment I could steal during the day. I even went to bed early so I could curl up with the book and find out what would happen next. I highly recommend this book to my friends and anyone who loves to read!

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